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Our philosophy

Vella Terra is an independent fair of artisan products of the land and international wine fair. It is born from the encounter between the passion for quality restoration and the search and promotion of products with zero or minimal intervention. Among our exhibitors are the best craftsmen in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and throughout Europe.

The daily contact with the local communities of agronomic product, years of joint work and an impeccable final product have inspired us a special sensitivity towards the high quality natural product. The Vella Terra team travels year after year to find and select these craftsmen who share our philosophy. We are interested in explaining the history of living products, free wines and real craftsmen that convey the flavor and character of their territory.

We have a hundred exhibitors: several guests from Italy, France and Austria, pioneers in the natural movement in the world of wine. We seek to connect all those artisans and farmers to the world of restoration, distribution, commerce and with the final consumer: we want to approach the product through its producer, outside modes and “wine-fashion movements”.

Vella Terra aims to create a connection space between the craftsman and the city, either at the fair or throughout the year through our website, blog and social networks: a communication platform between producers, the professional restoration sector, distributors and all those interested in consuming high-quality artisanal products.

Among our collaborators we have the invaluable effort of ESHOB (Escola Superior d’Hostaleria de Barcelona); their students will act as assistants to our exhibitors at the fair. Agua de Benassal will provide us the water to facilitate the tastings. We also have 80 Plus Specialty Coffee and its organic coffees and Dalla Corte, which provides excellence with its coffee machines; a unique company that collaborates with ecological projects around the world.


Nowadays we can find wines everywhere, from the supermarket to the 24h grocery stores. Today we have an assortment and a variety of qualities never seen before. Vineyards of industrial production that give life to grapes increasingly rich in pesticides and chemical additives; wines produced with “intrusive” production methods thanks to the sophistication of the current agrochemical industry.

Produce wine in an artisanal way, having as its only value the quality of the final product, without processes far removed from the naturalness of its origin, is fundamental for us. Therefore, we are increasingly encouraged to spread and give voice to farmers who have never used (or have stopped using) chemical and industrial products in their fields, used to seek the economic benefit of the activity, neglecting the relationship between the wines and the land they come from.

The wine producers that we selected in Vella Terra are small producers, farmers and artisans. They take into account the naturalness of their product, creating wines of absolute excellence. Its agriculture is at least ecological, as well as natural, integrative, and many of them practice biodynamics.

They take care of their land, elaborating wines with natural and / or handicraft processes. This means that there is no laboratory sophistication, only skillful mastery of artisanal techniques and no degenerative processes.


Guarantee the transparent reflection of the earth in each bottle is the commitment of our producers. The authenticity of its products is its mantra and these characteristics are reflected in the flavor of its wines: flavors that today are not easy to find and that reflect nature itself.

Ensuring these excellent levels of quality in wine is not easy for producers. Here we have summarized what we believe are the key points of our artisans and their philosophy:

1. Land: having live vines is paramount. The land they feed on must be full of life: the flourishing vegetation, with the active and active microfauna, are the secret of success. Maintaining organic and biodynamic agricultural practices is essential to maintain their productivity and exuberance. Grape harvesting manually is essential to preserve the texture.

2. Winery: the family reunion, as it was in the past. An environment full of people who care for their grapes, without chemicals or industrial equipment to refine the wine. A genuine product that goes with the truth ahead. We only accept the use of indigenous yeasts from grapes and without any added enological product (enzymes, proteins, stabilizers …). Natural wines, only grapes and nothing else, is what you will find, mostly in our fair. We also have artisans who produce wines with SO2 tolerated, (doses below 40 mg / l), because we support chemistry-free wine producers but without radicalizing the positions, since we also value the various stages in the evolution of producers: our job is to unite and provide a support platform, not judge.

3. Bottle: wine is the result of passion and good craftsmanship. Without the use of industrial practices, with the capacity of those who have been doing this work for years with respect to simplicity, tradition and truth. The wines not intervened have something else and are the product of the effort of farmers who love their territory and in Vella Terra we know this.

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