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Our philosophy

Vella Terra is an independent fair of products of the earth and a wine fair of natural quality. It was born from the encounter between the passion for quality restoration and the search and promotion of products with no (or minimal) intervention. Among our exhibitors are the best artisans of Catalonia, the rest of Spain, France and Italy.

Daily contact with local communities of agronomic product, years of joint work and an impeccable  product have inspired us to be sensitive to the high quality natural products. The team of Vella Terra travels year after year to search and select these artisans, who share our philosophy: null (or minimal) intervention, respect for the land and artisan work. We are interested in telling the story of the living products, the free wines and the true artisans who transmit the flavor and character of their Terroir.

We have a hundred exhibitors: several guests from Italy and France, pioneers in the natural movement in the wine world.

The common denominator of all our collaborators is the process of transformation from raw material to final product, always maintaining natural quality as unique protagonist. We seek to connect all those artisans and farmers with the world of restoration, distribution, grocery stores, delicatesen and gourmet shops and with the final consumer: we want to approach the product through its producer, outside fashion trends.

Vella Terra aims to create a connection space between the artisan and the city, either at the fair or throughout the year through our website, blog and social networks. A communication platform between producers, the professional hostelry sector, distributors and all those who are interested in taste and consume products of high natural quality.

Among our collaborators we count on the invaluable effort of ESHOB (Escola Superior d’Hostaleria de Barcelona), which with its students will be the attendees of our exhibitors at the fair and with EcoRegió Catalunya to create the first economic community of organic food in Catalonia, contact microinversors with producers, processors, shops/stores and promoters.

In all our editions we will use only local eco-sustainable materials, also following the pattern of our philosophy in the staging of the event. The scenography and stands will respect the natural environment we love so we can get even closer to our philosophy of zero impact.


Vella Terra was conceived and materialized as a fair by Stefano Fraternali and Alejandra Delfino to promote and disseminate the work of all artisan producers linked and committed to the land using natural techniques (including organic and biodynamic practices) or minimal possible interventions, obtaining an excellent natural quality.

The focus of the first editions will be the wine and its winemakers, although the desire for the future will be to balance the presence of different products like olive oils, bread, vegetables, fruits, craft beers, coffee, cereals, etc. All of them, always, under the common denominator of the natural quality.